The Venus Transit in Sagittarius will occur on December 5, 2022, which is a Monday. In Vedic Astrology, the Sagittarius sign is sometimes called the Dhanu Rashi. It is the eighth zodiac sign overall. A dual and male sign, it is fiery in nature. This omen denotes fortune, money, drive, and intelligence. Venus, the planet of unwavering love and great fortune, is also entering this sign.



Venus is an auspicious planet and a significator of love and materialistic things. The planet gives you creative inclination, romance, and a poetic essence to your native. The transit of Venus marks a significant impact on the lives of natives belonging to any zodiac sign.

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Venus rules the second house of family, finances, speech and seventh house of life partner. It's transiting the ninth house of drama, fatherhood, long distance travel, pilgrimage, and luck. Aries natives will get the support of their father, Guru, Mentors.



Venus is your lagna lord and sixth house lord transiting in your eighth house of longevity. Expect sudden happenings, secrecy, and hidden knowledge of facts. Venus aspect on the second house will provide a flood of cash flow to improve your savings. Taurus natives may suffer from urinary infections or some similar disease.



The seventh house of marriage, a life partner, and commercial partnerships is where Venus is currently transiting. Some persons have a chance to seal a contract abroad that will result in significant financial gain. You'll take care of how you appear and develop a charming personality.



Cancer Venus is a beneficial planet that rules the fourth and eleventh houses and is currently transiting the sixth house. The maternal uncle's house, the house of rivals, and health. You must thus take care of your mother during the fourth lord's passage of the sixth house since some household activities may endanger her health.During this time, avoid blindly trusting anybody since your friends will turn against you due to the eleventh lord's transit of the sixth house.



Venus would now transit through your fifth house of education, romantic relationships, and children. Venus is the lord of the third and tenth house for Leo natives. Poetry will grow and be full of creative ideas for pupils studying design, the arts, or creative writing at this time. The good news for Leo natives who have been planning a pregnancy for a while is that Venus, the planet of fertility, will make you more fertile and boost your chances of conceiving while it is transiting in your fifth house. In general, Leo inhabitants are having a fantastic time.



Venus is a planet that is kind to you. It rules the ninth house of luck with the bull sign of Taurus and the second house of money under the sign of Libra. Venus is transiting through your fourth house, which stands for your mother, domestic life, house, car, and property. Because of Venus's Transit, You will cherish your home environment in Sagittarius, your mother's company, and quality time.It is advisable for Virgo locals to take full use of this period.



Your lagna and eighth house ruler, Venus, is currently traveling through the third house of siblings, pastimes, local travel, and verbal communication. Venus Transit in Sagittarius will improve creativity in your writing talents and communication skills. Your connection with your younger sibling will be good at this time, and you may even decide to take them on an impromptu short trip where you may share priceless moments. However, because Venus is also the seventh lord, you should be cautious regarding your younger sibling's health.



Transiting in the second house of the family, savings, and speech is Venus, your twelfth lord, and seventh lord. As a result, at this time, you will be very kind in your words, feel a strong bond with your family, and wish to spend quality time with them. Even the twelfth lord transit in the second house will result in significant financial rewards for inhabitants of the sign of Scorpio. Venus Transit In Sagittarius indicates a favorable time to increase money and create new investments. It's a great time to start learning esoteric sciences like tarot reading or Vedic astrology if that's something you've wanted to do.



Venus now travels through your Lagna/first house and controls the sixth and eleventh houses for Sagittarius natives. Venus will be in your lagna throughout this time, which will cause you to focus on improving your appearance, health, and personality. Your personality will be fascinating to others. You'll appreciate the comforts and pleasures. You would spend a lot of time mingling with friends and your social circle and taking pleasure in the presence of influential people. Thanks to the Venus transit in Sagittarius, you will have fresh possibilities to increase your income and financial benefits during this period.



The planet Venus is a Yoga Karaka. It governs the fifth and tenth houses and currently travels through the twelfth house of travel, costs, and losses. Therefore, Capricorn natives who operate in the export-import industry or for a multinational corporation will have positive outcomes. Lovebirds must be cautious since misunderstandings or ignorance may impede your romantic relationship. Because the twelfth house, as we all know, signifies losses, you should plan a healthy budget and refrain from needless spending while Venus is in Sagittarius.



Venus, which governs Aquarius' fourth and ninth houses, is a Yogakaraka planet for sign inhabitants of Aquarius. The planet is moving through the eleventh house, representing material success, desire, older siblings, and the paternal uncle. Because the eleventh house is also the home of friends and social circles, your social standing will be highlighted throughout this period, and you'll enjoy quality time with friends. From the eleventh house, Venus is also aspecting your fifth house of education, love relations, and children, so your romantic relationship will flourish.



Their third house of siblings and the eighth house of secrets are both ruled by Venus, who is currently transiting in their tenth house of career. Thanks to Venus' transit through the tenth house, you'll be more inventive at work and want to make some aesthetic improvements. Venus is your eighth lord; therefore, some unexpected changes in your work life can occur. It may be an excellent time to get a new car or other luxuries for your home as the tenth house is also aspecting your fourth house. You can also invest money in performing some religious pooja in your home.