Be Aware!!! Sun is going to opposed Saturn from 15th June onward in what manner it will affect you for this consult our expert panel of Pandit Ji

Be Aware!!! Sun is going to opposed Saturn from 15th June onward in what manner it will affect you for this consult our expert panel of Pandit Ji


Under this influence you will become very conscious of the limitations imposed on you by circumstances and other people. Your task today is to not let yourself be overwhelmed by them. on e effect of this transit is a sense of loneliness or inability to communicate with others. You feel that there is a gulf between you and others that you can’t possibly cross. What you are experiencing is the real gulf that always exists between people. The problem is that In your present frame of mind, If aren’t careful ,you may let it overwhelm you. There is a point beyond which we cannot know each other or experience each other’s feelings. But there is no need to let that truth drag you down.

You may not feel this effect psychologically, as described above. Instead you may find that you are actually unable to communicate with people, or that others constantly get in your way and hold you back. There seems to be a real conflict between your need for self-expression and your need for relationship. This may have a strong effect on your close personal relationship today. Try to find a balance between your needs and your obligations, for neither can be allowed to win out at the expense of the other. If duty wins out to the point of extinguishing all self-expression so that you do only what is expected, you will feel restless, inhibited and unfulfilled. But if you ignore your obligations and do only whatever you choose, you will be in great conflict with others, which will prevent you from deriving any real satisfaction from your activities. You have to make compromises. If you are honest in expressing your needs to others and ask that they do the same, you should be able to work it out. Psychologically, the feeling of isolation and loneliness may be the most difficult to handle. Your energies are rather low, and you may not even make effort to come out of yourself and communicate. But avoid this passive response. Find something rewarding to do that requires concentration. For the present, it might be best not to work closely with others, because you’re feeling of alienation may interfere with the work.


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