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Online Horoscope for Aqurius - Aquarius is the eleventh astrological sign in the zodiac, originating from the constellation Aquarius. Under the tropical zodiac, the Sun is in the Aquarius sign between about January 20 and about February 18, while under the sidereal Zodiac, the sun is in Aquarius from approximately February 15 to March 14, depending on the leap year.

We all are curious to know our horoscopes and how it goes in 2022 as 2021 may have been fruitful to some but has given hurdles to many. We had to follow our destiny which is decided by our choices. Panditjionall gives you yearly horoscope predictions and asks for your Zodiac signs. To know the pros and cons in advance helps you and gets you through your tough times By making the right decisions in 2022.

We have a team of substantial astrologers who predict your future in 2022. For any queries and questions you can directly Contact our astrologers. We provide you with remedial actions for the best year ahead and to overcome bad and adverse situations. Our astrologists provide you with precise predictions regarding Ups And downs in your career, professional life, health and fitness, marriage and love life according to your Zodiac sign, And your planetary moments.




  The annual horoscope of Aquarius 2022 Gives mixed results all throughout the year.  There might be disputes in the family which will be resolved with the interference of elders.  The Jupiter in the second House of Aquarius is favourable for those who are working.  Saturn's position from 28th April 2022 is favourable for you.   As rahu is in favour of you, this year will be successful.  You can expect money from different sources which will be well spent.  Married people will lead a happy life but in the middle of the year it may be a little stressful.  The second solar eclipse which occurs on 25th of October 2022 shows negative effects in terms of luck.  The moon’s position is in the 10th house from 16th of May which affects the health of your mother.  From the second lunar eclipse the moon shifts to the 3rd house which favours you in all aspects.



  When it comes to the family life Online Horoscope for Aqurius 2022 is going to be unique. Jupiter is in the second House of Aquarius which is considered auspicious in terms of family life.  As Rahu will transit into Aries There will be a lack of support from your siblings.  Kethu will be in the 9th house which creates tension in record to your children’s future.  According to the annual family horoscope 2022 for Aquarius born Saturn will force you to stay away from the family for a long Time.  You will be participating in religious activities in order to pray for your parents health.  Stay calm and do not expect anything from anyone and do not get into arguments with your family members.



 This year is not favourable when it comes to married life Online Horoscope for Aqurius 2022 born. You will be losing interest in your married life because of your partner   arguing with you in every aspect.  The second half of the year is favourable for those who are looking to get settled with their life partners.  For those who want to invite a newborn will be successful this year.  There are chances where there may always be conflicts with your life partner which you need to deal with patience.  Your communication skills will solve the problems smoothly.  Spend quality time with your family, plan for romantic trips this year which will strengthen your relationship.



  As by your planetary movements our astrologers predict an average love life Online Horoscope for Aqurius 2022 natives.  Anger management is suggested for both of you in a relationship.  The law for your partner will be deteriorating each day as a result of unnecessary disputes.  In April and May there are chances for romantic trips with your loved ones.  Try to make use of this time to build a healthy relationship.  The position of rahu in the 3rd House of Aquarius will cause mental tension between husband and wife.  In the middle of April 2022 Kethu enters the 9th House of Aquarius Which leads to separation for those who are in love.  Keep your relationship strong in both good and bad times.  There are high chances of breaking up in your love.  Resolve the problems and take it to the marriage.



  For people who are working   In MNC will get chances to travel abroad.  For those who are doing business the first few months of the year are favourable for the growth of your business.  According to business and professional Online Horoscope for Aqurius 2022 born you will get in touch with influential people who in turn will help for the growth of your business.  The middle of the year from April to June will be challenging in terms of acquiring profits from the business.  Jupiter being in the second House of Aquarius will help in business expansions.  This year is good for both employed and unemployed people as they may get to their desired jobs in their desired companies.  Rahu is in the 3rd house which is beneficial for partnership businesses.  Take advice from experienced people before investing capital in the business.  The   planetary movements are favourable because of which you get promotions and increments in your professional life.



  The wealth aura scope 2022 for Aquarius seems good this year.  The Aquarius inflow of money from different sources makes your financial position strong.  It’s better to take advice from A financial expert in order to save the money for future use.  Make a proper financial schedule and spend money accordingly.  Start planning from the beginning of the year in order to maintain the immense flow of money.  It’s good to invest the capital in land properties and buying vehicles. Jupiter being in the second House of Aquarius helps you in acquiring ancestral property. Rahu being in 3rd House of Aquarius from 12th of April 2022 will increase your luck. Kethu being in the 9th house will cause some troubles in regard with the profits in your business.



 For Aquarius natives you have a talent of balancing both personal and professional life.  The health problems that were bothering you in the previous year will reside in 2022.  You are advised to go for walks in an open environment according to the health horoscope 2022 for Aquarius born.  You need not worry about your health as you have an impressive physical health.  Keep up the good work this year with exercises and healthy eating.   The middle of the year makes you stressful because of the deteriorating health of your father.  Keep a constant check on your parents health and make them have their medication regularly as per the doctor’s prescription.  Knee pains and blood disorders may bother you at the end of the year.  For those who are planning to have children may become critical.



  According to the education Online Horoscope for Aqurius 2022 born you’ll achieve your goal with your hard work and efforts.  You will be successful in getting admissions in your desired colleges.  Success accompanies you in all competitive exams which you attempt this year.  Avoid wasting time for unnecessary events and try to concentrate on your academics.  Do not waste your time in Group studies as there might be diversions which are a waste of time.  Do not reveal your secrets to your friends as they might be misused. Concentrate on what your goal is. Keep yourself away from social media.




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