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Ayusha Pooja


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Ayusha Pooja

Ayusha means age and Ayusha puja is performed for long life and removal of all obstacles from life. By performing this puja, one gets long life blessing from Ayur Devatha. Children born in gand mool nakshatras should get Ayusha Puja done within 15 days of their birth. Once a year Ayusha Homam is recommended for Long and healthy life. If you are suffering from any aliment for long, then this puja is recommended. Those having markesh dasha as per their horoscope should get this puja done at specific periods. It is believed that Ayusha puja has a tremendous effect on your health and mind.










Benefits of Ayusha Pooja

  • It increases the life span
  • The prolonged illness can be solved by this homa puja.
  • It clears the negative effects of previous birth which in turn helps for improving the overall well-being of a person.
  • To attain spiritual and other material blessings from God.

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