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Chandra Moon Puja


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Chandra (Moon) Pooja

Chandra pooja is dedicated to Lord Moon, the name in Vedic astrology. In Sanskrit the Chandra is referred to as “bright and shining”. It is recommended that the Chandra pooja should be done by those who have malefic effect due to the wrong position of the moon in the horoscope. The Chandra pooja gives the calm and soothing effect in the life of an individual.

The main imptance of planet Moon lies in that it controls the five senses of human life. Moon controls the mind of human beings and all the body senses are controlled by the mind. It is advisable to worship Lord Chandra starting from any Monday of bright fortnight. During the worship one should sit facing the northwest direction and must chant the mantra.






Benefit of Chandra (Moon) Pooja






  • The Moon God’s grace can manifest in the form of a variety of benefits. It can both, calm and also sharpen a mind at the same time. 
  • Performing ths pooja will improve fitness; bring in success, public acclaim, love and happiness in life;
  • Performing ths pooja will improve self-worth, and make life purposeful and enjoyable.
  • Moon pooja can remove all of the mind problems and bring the good spirit into life
  • Pooja also rectifies the position of Chandra so that the individual can lead a peaceful life. 
  • All the desires and success are being achieved in the life
  • Peace and harmony comes back and all the health or mental problems go away from the life of the devotee.

Frequently Asked Questions


Online pooja is a way to worship one or more deities and to spiritually connect with the god. But in today's lifestyle it become somewhere difficult to perform the puja at your home, so we take the help of online pooja to celebrate the ritual and connect yourself with the god. According to the scriptures, the person can reach the heart of God through worship. Pooja brings peace to your mind, because it makes you feel connected to God. It is also said that the blessings of God remains upon you by worshiping God, and all the troubles go away. It is also said that there is only one way to get God that is through worship. Now even the science has accepted that the worship of God increases the age.

The purpose of carrying out online pooja is betterment and prosperity of people at large by energizing and protecting the environment. There are several malefic forces that threaten our peace. These forces can be destroyed with the help of performing online pooja.

Online pooja is dedicated to provide all kind of Pooja service depending on your needs and requirement.

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