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Raksha Kavach Maha Yantram


₹ 21000


Buy Raksha Kavach Maha Yantram Online


Buy Raksha Kavach Maha Yantram Online, a yantra complete with all the deities of protection to destroy all the evils and provide complete protection.

A combination of 4 most powerful protection yantras made in thick shining copper sheet: Shri Mahamrityunjaya, Shri Mahakali, Shri Ramraksha, Shri Hanuman Yantras




To overcome fear of death, grave dangers and fatal diseases. Makes the Sadhak courageous and healthy.

To overcome enemies, protection from black magic, evil eye and evil influences.

To get rid of all perils, obstacles in the way of your success, fame and luxuries.

For power, authority and vigour




Mrityunjaya Mahadev Traahimaam Sharanagatam Janam-Mrityu Jara Vyadhi Piditam Karmbandhane!!


 Placement of Raksha Kavach Maha Yantram

Yantra may be kept in your home / office.


Benefits of Raksha Kavach Yantra

Raksha Kavach Maha Yantra Comprises Power of Six Yantra Shri Mahamrityunjaya, Shri Durga, Shri Ramraksha,Hanuman, Bagalamukhi, Maha Sudarshan.All these Six Power combined together make Buy Raksha Kavach Maha Yantram Online a complete yantra in itself which offer protection all the negative energies active around you.This Yantra bestows health, wealth, long life, peace, prosperity and contentment. Raksha Kavach Maha Yantra for Evil Energies Raksha kavach Maha Yantra is best for warding off all the evil energies, the envious and the threats.


Sri Sampurn Raksha Kavach Yantraraj is another very powerful yantra from Devshoppe used for overall protection.It has 16 yantras in it .The list of yantras is following:-

(1) Sri Vakratunda Ganesha yantra - Protection from bad luck

(2) Sri Kaalsarp yantra - Protection from Kaalsarp dosha

(3) Sri Pitra dosha Nivaran yantra - Protection from pitra dosha

(4) Sri Saade sati Nivarak yantra - Protection from Saturn's harmful effects

(5) Sri Lakshmi pradayak yantra - Granter of wealth

(6) Sri Maha Mrityunjaya yantra - Protection from diseases

(7) Sri Mahakali Yantra - Protection from evil eye

(8) Sri Bhairav Yantra - Protection from ghosts and spirits

(9) Sri Karz mukti yantra - Protection from debts

(10) Sri Ram Raksha yantraraj - Protection from negativity

(11) Sri Hanuman yantra - Protection from tantra attacks, accidents, mishaps etc

(12) Sri Krodh Shantikaran yantra - Protection from anger and hot temper

(13) Sarv Manokamna Prapti yantram - Granter of wishes

(14) Bhoot pret badha nivarak yantram - Protection from ghosts

(15) Sri Baglamukhi yantram - Protection from enemies

(16) Sri Samshan kali puja yantra - Protection from black magic


This is very powerful combination of yantras. Buy Raksha Kavach Maha Yantram Online, combination has been suggested by learned pandits and is used for overall protection from outer forces.Protects one from Graha Doshas [Planetary ill Effects], Acts as a Talisman against enemies in Business and Prevents ill effects caused by Black Magic and Restores Wealth and Prosperity.


All our Yantras have been designed by experts and they are accurate. All our Yantras would be effective as they have the most powerful mantras.


This Sampurn yantra has yantras to save from all doshas and attacks.It also saves from Ghosts and Spirits.It also helps to overcome fear of death, grave dangers and fatal diseases. Makes the Sadhak courageous and healthy.Helps to get rid of all perils, obstacles in the way of your success, fame and luxuries.

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