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Raksha Kavach Maha Yantram


₹ 21000


Raksha Kavach Maha Yantram

A yantra complete with all the deities of protection to destroys all the evils and provide complete protection.
A combination of 4 most powerful protection yantras made in thick shining copper sheet: Shri Mahamrityunjaya, Shri Mahakali, Shri Ramraksha, Shri Hanuman Yantras


  • To overcome fear of death, grave dangers and fatal diseases. Makes the Sadhak courageous and healthy.
  • To overcome enemies, protection from black magic, evil eye and evil influences.
  • To get rid of all perils, obstacles in the way of your success, fame and luxuries.
  • For power, authority and vigour



Mrityunjaya Mahadev Traahimaam Sharanagatam Janam-Mrityu Jara Vyadhi Piditam Karmbandhane!!



Yantra may be kept in your home / office.

Frequently Asked Questions


The word Yantra means an instrument or machine or talisman depending upon the context. An Yantra can be described as a very complex Engine of Energy containing nested geometric figures, arrays of mystic patterns and a series of ancient hyper sigils laced with archetypal designs and numerical shapes. They are esoteric energy concept mapping machines. Most of the Yantras are conceived and conceptualized through revelation and clairvoyance by Higher Light Energy Beings.

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