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Shiv Parvathi Pooja


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Shiv Parvati Pooja


The Shiv Parvati Pooja is performed for a happy and prosperous married life. Lord Shiva is the destroyer of all evil and bad deeds. Worshipping lord Shiva will help you to get rid of all the evils and obstacles in your love marriage. Parvati is the mother of all the living beings present in the universe. Worshipping her will bring love, prosperity, and happiness to your life. The combination of Shiv and Parvati can make your life the easiest one. We all know the famous story of how Shiva and Parvati got married after facing all the difficulties. Worshipping lord Shiva will get you the most perfect husband while worshipping Goddess Parvati will make you the most desirable and dedicated wife.


HOW TO DO Shiv Parvati Pooja?

Shiv Parvati Pooja requires chanting of Mantras and Yajnas. During ancient times kings performed Shiv Parvati Yajna for a happy and prosperous married life.


Being a devotee of Shiv and Parvati will help you to achieve stable and peaceful thoughts which in turn will help you to have a stable love life.


Goddess Parvati is considered to be the god of destruction. It is believed that many Hindu goddesses are variants of Goddess Parvati. She is worshipped in many roles and many names. She is called Parvathi, Girija when considered to be the daughter of Himalayan Valleys. She is called Madani, Shravani when called the wife of Lord Shiva.


Just like lord Shiva, goddess Parvathi too holds two faces and nature. One being the mild while the other being the aggressive one. The Parvathi represents the calm and composite nature.

Offering Shiv Parvati Pooja can help you to get a happy married life.


Benefits of Shiv Parvati Pooja


  • This Pooja is performed to meet your soul mate and get tied into an auspicious wedlock soon.
  • Offering Shiv Parvati Pooja helps you to get a happy married life.
  • If there is any discord in the relationship, bickering in marital life, misunderstandings, and other types of marital problems you can take the blessings of Lord Shiv and Maa Parvathi to resolve the problems in married life.
  • This Pooja is considered to be best for marital happiness.

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