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Shree Vastu Maha Yantram


₹ 7500


Shree Vastu Maha Yantram

A yantra must for every household, business premises for removing all sorts of negative energies.
A combination of 4 most powerful Vaastu yantras made in thick copper sheet and 24 carat Gold plating:
Dikdosh Nashak, Grihdosh Nivarak Vaastuchakra, Vaastudosh Nashak, Vaastudosh Nashak Vyapar Vriddhi Indrani Yantras.


  • Removes Vaastu ill-effects from place of work/residence.
  • Rectifies the faults of a building, site, home, office or structure due to wrong construction or creation.
  • Removes negative energies or ill effects resulting from inauspicious location or directions of rooms.
  • Removes ill-effects of a business premises and attracts more business.



Vaastudev Namastatu Bhushanyaanirat Prabho !
Mam Grahe Dhan Dhaanyaadi Samraddh Kuru Sarvada !!



Yantra may be kept in your home / office / altar facing North West / South East / North East / North / East direction.

Frequently Asked Questions


The word Yantra means an instrument or machine or talisman depending upon the context. An Yantra can be described as a very complex Engine of Energy containing nested geometric figures, arrays of mystic patterns and a series of ancient hyper sigils laced with archetypal designs and numerical shapes. They are esoteric energy concept mapping machines. Most of the Yantras are conceived and conceptualized through revelation and clairvoyance by Higher Light Energy Beings.

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