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Surya Sun Pooja


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Surya (Sun) Pooja

Planet Sun is considered as the king of all planets. In fact, Sun is not a planet but it is a star because it is self illuminated. All the other planets including earth revolve around the Sun. Sun represents our Soul, Father, Power, Health, Fame, Government, Medicine, Gold, Bones, Fire as well as government jobs. The day for Surya Lord is Sunday. Surya is the only visible god, shining brightly among us in the day sky. Followers of Shiva and Vishnu regard them as their avatars respectively. Lord Surya represents all the qualities that a perfect leader should possess.  It represents courage, leadership, supremacy, kingship and wisdom.






Benefit of Surya (Sun) Pooja






  • Makes one wealthy and financially successful.
  • Removes obstacles in personal and professional life.
  • Reduces the negative effects of Grah Dosh
  • Family life becomes more harmonious.
  • Communication skills also improve which results in better outcomes for business.

Frequently Asked Questions


Online pooja is a way to worship one or more deities and to spiritually connect with the god. But in today's lifestyle it become somewhere difficult to perform the puja at your home, so we take the help of online pooja to celebrate the ritual and connect yourself with the god. According to the scriptures, the person can reach the heart of God through worship. Pooja brings peace to your mind, because it makes you feel connected to God. It is also said that the blessings of God remains upon you by worshiping God, and all the troubles go away. It is also said that there is only one way to get God that is through worship. Now even the science has accepted that the worship of God increases the age.

The purpose of carrying out online pooja is betterment and prosperity of people at large by energizing and protecting the environment. There are several malefic forces that threaten our peace. These forces can be destroyed with the help of performing online pooja.

Online pooja is dedicated to provide all kind of Pooja service depending on your needs and requirement.

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