Onam Festival Date and Muhurat 2023

August 1st 2023 Onam Festival Date and Muhurat 2023

Onam Festival Date and Muhurat 2023

Onam 2023

Onam 2023 , a 10-day extravaganza, holds a special place in the hearts of Keralite people. The highlight of this festival is the grand culmination on the tenth day, famously known as Thiruvonam. In fact, Thiruvonam and Onam are often used interchangeably. In the Malayalam language, Thiruvonam falls under the auspicious Shravan Nakshatra. It is the day when the Thiru Onam Puja is performed, coinciding with the presence of Shravana/Thiruvonam Nakshatra during the Chingam month of the Malayalam Calendar.

Onam 2023 Muhurat 

Thiruvonam Nakshatram Begins at 02:43:29 on August 29, 2023

Thiruvonam Nakshatram Ends at 23:50:31 on August 29, 2023

Unraveling the Significance of Thiruvonam:

Thiruvonam comprises two meaningful terms - 'Thiru' and 'Onam.' 'Thiru' signifies holiness, akin to 'Shree' in Sanskrit. According to beliefs, on this day, King Mahabali visits his people from the netherworld (Patala Loka). Additionally, there are various other myths associated with the festival, such as the birth of Vamana Avatar of Lord Vishnu.


The Splendor of Thiruvonam Celebrations:

Atham - The celebrations commence ten days before Thiruvonam with Atham, the first day of Onam festival. People visit temples to worship, and it is customary to have steamed bananas and fried Papad for breakfast. The creation of the beautiful Onam flower carpet, or 'Pookalam,' also begins on this day.

Chithira - On the second day, Chithira, people continue with prayers and worship. Women add new flowers to the Pookkalam, while men procure more flowers for the decoration.

Chodhi - The third day, Chodhi, is crucial as markets gear up for shopping, and people buy essentials for the grand day of Thiruvonam.

Visakam - This day witnesses a flower carpet-making competition at many places, and women prepare pickles and chips in preparation for the main day.

Anizham - The highlight of this day is the enthralling snake boat race, known as Vallamkali.

Thriketa - Thriketa is marked by numerous cultural events, where people of all ages participate and visit loved ones to enhance the festive spirit.

Moolam - Excitement runs high on the seventh day, as markets showcase various food items, and people enjoy a variety of dishes. Women indulge in buying decorative items for their homes.

Pooradam - On this day, people craft small clay idols in the shape of pyramids, known as "Maa," and offer beautiful flowers to them.

Uthiradam - Also called First Onam, this day is filled with excitement as everyone eagerly awaits the arrival of their beloved King, Mahabali. Preparations intensify, and women create elaborate Pookkalams.

Thiruvonam - The grand day arrives, and everyone exchanges wishes as King Mahabali blesses them. The most stunning flower carpet is made, and the magnificent Onam food platter, Sadhya, is prepared. Cultural events and fireworks add to the festive charm. This day is also referred to as Second Onam. Onam extends for two more days after Thiruvonam, totaling a 12-day celebration, though the 10 days before Thiruvonam are the main focus.

Avittom - Also known as Third Onam, this day prepares for the return of the King. Some perform a ritual of flowing the Onathappan statue in the river or sea, which they keep in the center of their Pookalam throughout the 10 days. The famous Tiger dance (Pulikali) is also performed on this day.

Chathayam - The festive celebration culminates with a grand dance festival on Chathayam, the twelfth day.

Onam2023, one of Kerala's most awaited festivals, commemorates the homecoming of King Mahabali. The festival, which usually falls in the month of August or September, lasts for ten days and brings an abundance of joy and excitement.

Experience the incredible festivities of Onam, where you'll witness captivating cultural performances, mesmerizing folk dances like the Kathakali, and exhilarating boat races. The cheerful atmosphere is further accentuated by the intricate floral designs known as "Pookkalam" and the tantalizing aroma of the traditional Onam feast, the "Onasadya."

Onam transcends religious and cultural boundaries, uniting people from all walks of life. It's a time of joy and togetherness, where families and friends come together to create lasting memories.

Don't miss out on this extraordinary celebration! Whether you're a local or a traveler exploring Kerala for the first time, Onam 2023 promises an unforgettable experience. So mark your calendars and be a part of this vibrant festival that showcases the heart and soul of Kerala.

Join us in celebrating Onam 2023 and embrace the spirit of unity and happiness that fills the air during this grand occasion. Come, witness the beauty and hospitality of Kerala as we rejoice in the homecoming of King Mahabali and revel in the festivities that define Onam.

Celebrate Onam 2023 with us and create cherished memories that will stay with you forever. Kerala awaits you with open arms and warm smiles!