Sun transit in Sagittarius

December 15th 2022 Sun transit in Sagittarius

Sun transit in Sagittarius



Date and significance 

Many pupils may benefit from the Sun's transit through the Sagittarius sign from December 16, 2022, to January 13, 2023. During this time, those working in the teaching and research professions may see great success. During this time, those who are single may discover a compatible match. Those who are currently dating may decide to convert their passion into a commitment and marriage. Progress for people working in the arts and entertainment might result from the Sun and Venus transiting in the sign of Sagittarius. Others could be successful in the military and aviation industries. Gains are possible for those working in finance, management, education, and other related fields. During this time, those in the media and sports industries can find success and notoriety.


How will the transit affect other zodiac signs?


Aries:  The Sun's passage in your ninth house may bring good prosperity, success in the classroom, and success in tests. Additionally, it could result in scholarships and chances to study abroad.


Taurus: The Sun's transit through your eighth house might cause some health concerns, but it's also a great chance to improve your daily routine and change your personality by enrolling in yoga and fitness programs. Possessing a spiritual bent may lead to mental calm.


Gemini: Your partner may experience health concerns due to the Sun's transit through your seventh house, but overall, you may enjoy a pleasant marriage and a prosperous career. Partnership businesses could succeed.


Cancer: Sun transit in your sixth house may bring wealth and success in administration, medicine, and education. You may succeed in competitive tests to land a job with the government.


Leo: An intriguing new romance might result from the Sun's passage through your fifth house. At this time, your charisma, allure, and inventiveness could be at their best. Some people may wed their ideal spouse or soul match. At work, you'll be restless, but you could succeed or advance.


Virgo: Success in the real estate and agriculture industries might come from the Sun's passage through your fourth house. Your investments and interactions with real estate can be profitable. Many Virgos can heal fully from an illness or accident during this time.


Libra: Sun transit in your third house, Libra, may bring success in starting a new business or being an entrepreneur. Some unemployed people may excel in sports and entertainment, while others may land decent work.


Scorpio: Sun transit in your second house might offer prosperity in several directions. Your financial situation could be stable, and your prestige and regard at work might improve. In their line of work, some persons could receive raises, promotions, and higher positions.


Sagittarius: Success in politics might result from the Sun transiting your first house. People are likely to be drawn to your charisma and charm during this time. Success might come from working for oneself. It is possible to succeed in acting, writing, publishing, editing, designing, and singing. Others could succeed in the marketing, modelling, and advertising industries.


Capricorn: For females, the Sun's transit through the 12th house might cause hormonal and ocular issues. Cough and cold symptoms are common in certain persons. During this time, there may be a chance for you to travel and earn money abroad. Achieving some success in politics, embassy work, or governmental positions is feasible.


Aquarius: You might prosper in your job if the Sun transits through your 11th house. Your company could succeed. Your profession may help you build a solid reputation. You could experience greater ease, opulence, and prestige.


Pisces: The ideal period for your job may result from the Sun transiting through your 10th House, Pisces. Success and achievements are within your reach if you persevere and work hard while being diplomatic. This period may bring you luck, intelligence, and discretion. Working hard might pay out handsomely. Success in sports, writing and social media influencing is possible.


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