Significance of Navratri

Significance of Navratri


Significance of Navratri

'Navratri' means 'nine nights.' Nava means 'nine', and Ratri means 'night.

The night is a time of rest and renewal. You sleep through the night, wake up refreshed, and rest the next morning. Navratri, or the "nine nights", is the time of year when you can experience deep sleep. Deep rest allows you to be free from all sorts of worries, deep relaxation, and creativity.

Deep rest can be achieved through meditation, fasting, prayer, fasting, and other spiritual practices. Deep rest can be achieved by avoiding overindulging in sense items.

Our spirit: The source for deep rest

Since time immemorial, our spirit has been around. It is the infinite and eternal source of energy in this universe. Even the subtle energies of the environment can enhance and aid one's journey to the spirit during Navratri.


Navratri is a time when we can connect with our spirit through prayer, meditation, and chanting. Invoking the spirit can bring out positive qualities in us and eliminate laziness, pride and obsession, as well as cravings and aversions. The deep sleep of the nine transformative nights is achieved when stress and negative emotions are eliminated.


Devi Puja: Honoring Omnipresent Energy

Devi is the all-present cosmic energy. This energy permeates all of Creation. Devi is the source of our prosperity in daily life. Mother Divine is there in many ways. Our mother, father and friends, as well as our husband, wife, children, son, and daughter, are all forms of Mother Divine. Devi is performing aarti for us through the revolving moon and the planets. Puja is a way to say, "Oh Mother, what you give me, I give back." As Nature provides food, we can offer Devi food grains during puja. Devi Puja is a sign of increased consciousness and reverence for all Creation. We perform puja during the 9 days that Navratri lasts. This is a way to honour the Devi and show our gratitude to Mother Divine. We are asked to give up our daily activities and engage in deep meditation while we attend the puja.


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