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Ketu Dragons Tail Puja


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Online Ketu Dragon Tail Pooja


Online Ketu Dragon Tail Pooja is to appease the planet Ketu. Ketu Dragons Tail Pooja is a very useful & beneficial puja, since its worship strengthens benefic Ketu & increases its positive influence and pacifies malefic effects of the planet & neutralizes its negative effect. Ketu Puja is recommended for those having malefic Ketu or wrong-placed Ketu as per the horoscope. 


The planets are to be propitiated against their evil influences, to ward off them, the Ketu Puja is done with faith to ward off all evils of Ketu as per the horoscope


The benefit of Ketu Dragons Tail Pooja

Ketu (Dragon's Tail) is malefic in one horoscope chart then Ketu Dragons Tail Pooja is recommended to remove the malefic effects.

Ketu brings prosperity to the devotee's family and removes the effect of snakebite and illness arising out of poisonous matter entering one's body. Dragon's Tail grants good health, wealth, and all-around prosperity.

Prevents and protects one from accidents, injuries, and misfortunes.

Enhance one’s intelligence, wisdom, and spiritual indulgence.

Enhance one’s standard of living.

High profit in business.

Swift across the road of difficulties.

Ketu Puja, if appeased, blesses one with psychic abilities as well.

Importance of Online Ketu Dragon Tail Pooja.


Fix the malefic results of Ketu in your birth chart, reduce the effects of Kaal Sarp Dosha and settle your property-related disputes with our Ketu pooja. We follow every Rahu Ketu Pooja vidhi and pronounce correct mantras so that the positive benefits of the same you can have in your life faster.


Lord Ketu (South Node) is the second shadow planet of the solar system. It is believed to be the second half of Rahu. Hence both of them move in a fixed manner at a fixed distance from each other. Ketu is very important in Vedic astrology, it mainly signifies spirituality, detachment, foreign settlement, karma, liberation, retirement, etc. As per many astrological scriptures, a lot depends on the position of Ketu in the life of an individual. It is also related to mysteries and sudden or unexpected gains. One must carefully analyze the chart and perform the necessary remedies if needed.


Panditjioncall will organize the Online Ketu Dragon Tail Pooja on a Tuesday during appropriate muhurta. Our Top Jyotish Pandit in Jaipur will perform the worship in accordance with the related scriptures. An elaborate shodashopachara puja will be performed along with the kalashasthapana, mandala Puja, and invocation. During the Sankalpa, your name and birth details will be added. Ketu puja will be conducted with the help of Vedic and Puranic mantras along with the famous stotras related to Sri Ketu by Puja and Anushthan Services.


After the puja, you will receive the holy ash (Vibhuti) and Prasadam of the puja at your address. You will also be getting an energized Ketu yantra and Ketu Locket for removing the inauspicious energies from your surroundings and for enhancing complete protection.

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