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online horoscope for Leo- Leo is associated with fire, accompanied by Aries and Sagittarius, and its modality is fixed. We all are curious to know our horoscopes and how it goes in 2022 as 2021 may have been fruitful to some but has given hurdles to many. We had to follow our destiny which is decided by our choices. Pandit JI On Call gives you yearly horoscope predictions and asks for your Zodiac signs. To know the pros and cons in advance helps you and gets you through your tough times By making the right decisions in 2022.

We have a team of substantial astrologers who predict your future in 2022. For any queries and questions you can directly Contact our astrologers. We provide you with remedial actions for the best year ahead and to overcome bad and adverse situations. Our astrologists provide you with precise predictions regarding Ups And downs in your career, professional life, health and fitness, marriage and love life according to your Zodiac sign, And your planetary moments.





For Leos who are eager to know what their annual horoscope predicts this year, In order to deal with your quench we are here to answer all your questions regarding your annual horoscope 2022. This year is going to be a little unpredictable hence take decisions wisely. Enjoy the benefits of Rahu’s transit into the 10th house during the beginning of the year. The meeting of Saturn and Jupiter in the 6th house indicates troubles from your enemies. For those who are taking education show success in this academic year. Take wise decisions while investing as this indicates losses. The entrance of Jupiter into Pisces from April 2022 gives satisfying results in terms of religious works. Married life will be full of ups and downs as there are disputes with your spouse. The year 2022 gives best results for those who are in love. The first lunar eclipse may affect the health of your parents, especially your mother. The second lunar eclipse guides you towards spirituality which brings peace to your mind and soul.




This year goes well as far as family life online horoscope for Leo is concerned. Jupiter Ville enters Pisces on 13th April 2022 Which will be settling in the 8th House of your Zodiac. As a result, You get family support in terms of monetary benefits. There will be a joyous atmosphere in your family as you gain respect in the society. As Rahu  enters Aries on 12th of April 2022 The intersection of rahu and ketu plans to take you and your family on a spiritual tour But at the same time creates disturbances among your siblings. The family life horoscope of Leo born indicates success with the support of your family.




Love prevails and floats in air for married couples this year according to the married life online horoscope for Leo born. 2022 is good for understanding your partner better in terms of their likes and dislikes. This will make your relationship stronger. Do not let anything or anyone come in between your relationship with your spouse. Middle of the year indicates arguments with your life partner but your sensibility can avoid it without any disagreements.

For those who are willing to expand your family, good news is awaiting this year. Family pressures may increase at the end of the year which makes you stressful.




According to the love life online horoscope for Leo born, it’s good to treat the problems of your loved ones as your own and help in resolving them. As a result your loved ones will come closer to you and your romance and intimacy in the relationship increases. This year is favourable for those Leo natives who are in love and want to go for a love marriage. According to the love life horoscope 2022 for Leo born, it is a mixture of sweet and sour when it comes to married couples. From 20th April 2022 Saturn settling in Aquarius gives best positive results in your love life. Try to solve problems on a soft note without serious arguments with your loved ones. Avoid discussions regarding unnecessary topics and unnecessary persons. April to August is the best When it comes to love life for leo’s.




Think twice while investing in your business as the outcomes may not be favourable to you as per the business and professional online horoscope for Leo born. Though you may win over your enemies, Define ways to degrade you in the ways possible but they may not be successful in doing so. There are many new opportunities waiting for you this year. There will be a tremendous increase in your confidence in the middle of the year with which you can start an online business and get success. It’s better to take new initiatives at your workplace and in your profession which brings you rewarding results. Keep up your performance at work while keeping your distance from gossip and other dramas. Grab all the opportunities which come your way in order to get success in your professional life. The overall prediction regarding the business and professional online horoscope for Leo born is satisfactory.




The wealth of course 2022 for Leo indicates an increase in the burden of responsibilities on you but at the same time money flow also increases to your account from various sources To fulfil it. You feel much happier Uncomfortable with your financial position. This breakthrough senior financial position this year through which you can own more and acquire New assets. You will be able to repay back the loans taken from banks.

Jupiter is in favour of you from April 2020 which makes your financial position stronger than before. There is a financial benefit of waiting for you from abroad. Because of the K2 which is not in favour of you makes you confused while investing which leads to loss of money. From 12 July 2022, Saturn retrogrades into Capricorn which is beneficial for you in terms of money. Focus on work and spend money wisely which will surely bring success and increase your monetary funds. The overall wealth horoscope 2022 for Leo born is good.




According to your planetary moments the online horoscope for Leo born suggests you to continue the healthy habits. Avoid cool drinks and alcoholic beverages during the middle of the year where there is a deterioration of your health. Be cautious regarding any addictions as they may be harmful to your health. The middle of the year indicates stomach related problems which need to be taken care of. Avoid fried foods and go for healthy options. Talking sweet is fine but eating sweets is not suggestible this year for Leo natives in order to avoid diabetes. Keep yourself away from stress And needless worries which affect your health. Try to do yoga and meditation at the same time follow a good diet as per the health horoscope 2022 for Leo born.




The career horoscope 2022 for Leo born is in favour of working individuals. Jupiter is in favour of you which will translate into Pisces from April 2022. You may expect complete support from your higher officials and subordinates. As Rahu  goes to Aries from April, Which indicates expansion of your career abroad. According to our astrologer's prediction, be careful of your enemies and try not to share any crucial information regarding your job. Capricorn being in 6th position of Leo Zodiac is favourable for government employees. All the pending government works will be fulfilled in 2022 according to the career horoscope for Leo natives.




Leo born natives or more educationally inclined this year because of the best planetary movements. Try to take part in competitive exams and prove yourself To the world. It’s better to double your efforts to reap the best results in this academic year. Planned and scheduled study hours Makes you complete your portion beforehand so that you have time to revise back. Try to eat fresh food which makes you feel lighter and avoid sluggish nature.

According to the educational online horoscope for Leo born, this year is beneficial for those who are willing to pursue higher studies abroad. Time management and patience is necessary in order to get through any professional courses. Your efforts this year will not go in vain and get you to achieve higher ranks.





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